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Tera is the only all-in-one resource for people who want to shop and live healthy and sustainably 

With Tera, you can shop healthy and green at your favorite online and retail stores and in our marketplace, learn more about how to live sustainably, connect with others and take action for climate change.

Tera has everything you need to live a sustainable lifestyle.

See how small swaps lead to big results with our new, eco-minded subscription boxes.
See how small swaps lead to big results with our new, eco-minded subscription boxes.

What does going green mean for you?

How you save the planet is up to you–we’ll just help you get there. While improving your health. Select one of the lifestyles below to get going.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Ever wonder what your carbon footprint looks like? Don’t even know what that means? No worries. We’ll break it down for you here.


Sustainability Guides

The path to sustainability can take many different turns.

Arm yourself with the knowledge and resources to shop green, eat green, and go green. While becoming healthier along the way. Go you.

Tera Spotlight

Leading a sustainable and healthy life means re-evaluating everything you buy and use on a daily basis. Here are some Tera-approved products and tools to lighten the load and make choosing the right options easier than ever before.

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Sustainability Social Community

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Climate News Feed

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