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Shop healthy. Avoid diseases.

Nutrition and genetics: What is Epigenetics?

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Explore the fascinating world of epigenetics and learn how your diet can directly influence your genes. Discover the power of phytonutrients in colorful fruits and vegetables to protect your cells and potentially reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Unlock the secrets of optimizing your health through what you eat, and make informed choices to positively impact your gene expression.

Food in America: A Looming Health Crisis

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Explore the critical challenges of our food system, highlighting chronic food-related illnesses, the decline in food quality, the trend of choosing quantity over quality, and the role of food manufacturers and regulators. Discover how the Tera app empowers users to make healthier, more informed food choices amidst these issues.

How the Dairy Industry’s Influenced the American Diet: Got Milk?

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Discover how the dairy industry’s aggressive marketing and government lobbying in the early 20th century established milk as a dietary essential in America, despite a significant portion of the global population being lactose intolerant. Learn how Tera can help you navigate the shift towards plant-based alternatives, ensuring your diet remains rich in calcium without unhealthy additives.

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