Shop healthy.
Avoid diseases.

Shop healthy. Avoid diseases.

How to Live a Non-Toxic Lifestyle: Beauty & Makeup

Protect your skin and health by choosing beauty products from brands that prioritize your well-being over harmful chemicals. Our guide empowers you to make informed decisions for a radiant, toxin-free beauty routine.

Why Everyone Should Embrace a Non-Toxic Lifestyle

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Embrace a healthier lifestyle with the Tera app, your ally in navigating the complex world of product ingredients. Offering personalized insights and alternatives, it guides you towards safer choices for a non-toxic living, empowering you to make informed decisions that benefit both your health and the environment.

Top 15 Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare

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Discover safer skincare by avoiding “The Dirty Dozen” harmful ingredients in beauty products, such as Parabens, Phthalates, and Formaldehyde, which are linked to health risks. Use the Tera app to find non-toxic alternatives and contribute to a healthier, toxin-free lifestyle.

Top 5 Natural Skincare Products for a Healthier Beauty Routine

Introducing Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Gel. Made with 99% organic, cold-pressed USA-grown Aloe Vera, this gel is free from Xanthan and Carrageenan. It uses 100% natural Seaweed Extract as a thickener, allowing it to absorb quickly without any sticky residue. What I love about this product is its simple formula. Most Aloe Vera Gels are filled with […]

Why I Created the Tera App

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Learn the story behind Tera and how it can help you avoid toxic chemicals in your food, personal care, skin care, make up and household cleaning products.

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