Solid Dish Soap


This dish soap eliminates the need to purchase dish soap in plastic bottles. Gentle for the hands, it cuts grease effectively and pairs perfectly with a dishcloth, loofah, and natural bristle brushes. It is also a powerful stain remover for any oil and stain on fabrics such as sponge cloths and produce bags.

Vegan, plastic-free, palm oil free, 100% compostable. Handmade in Vancouver, Canada.

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Two sizes for you to choose:

  • Dish Soap Bar (4.5oz~5oz): replace 2 bottles of liquid dish soap
  • Dish Soap Brick (13oz): replace 5 bottles of liquid dish soap 

Bamboo Soap Dish Duo is perfect to store bar soaps/shampoo/conditioner or konjac sponge for a low waste household.

When in contact with water, bamboo dries quicker than other woods hence less likely to crack.


  • plant-based ingredients: cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, olea europaea (olive) oil, aqua (water), sodium hydroxide*
  • handmade: four ingredients only, no additives, preservatives
  • fragrance-free: non-irritating on the skin

note: *lye, an alkali that is a must in soapmaking and is eliminated in the saponification process


as dish soap: rub a wet cloth, sponge or dish brush directly on the soap. Scrub dishes then rinse with water.

as stain remover: rub soap on stained spots, add water and rub fabric between hands. Hand wash or launder.

Care Tips 

place soap on top of a soap dish to keep it dry.


Recycle kraft paper packaging.

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