Shop healthy.
Avoid diseases.

Shop healthy. Avoid diseases.

Our story​

I’m Bernard-Henri Louvat , Founder of Tera, a technology startup based in Los Angeles. Tera is my 4th technology startup and has become my mission in life.

At Tera, we are building a SaaS platform to promote preventive healthcare through changes in consumption & eating habits. We are using scientific health data to assess the impact of foods and consumer products’ ingredients, additives and synthetic chemicals on people’s health and empower them to shop healthy to avoid chronic diseases and extend their health span.

Bernard Louvat
Founder & CEO - TERA

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Why are we doing this?

Because our children should not become obese & sick with what they eat and with the toxic chemicals they are exposed to in everyday consumer products, and nor should we.  Our modern lifestyle is laden with fatal conveniences to use the term coined by Darin Olien Fatal Conveniences Book – Darin Olien. Everyday we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals used to make personal care, makeup, household cleaning products, synthetic food additives (preservatives, artificial flavors & colors, sweeteners, emulsifiers and stabilizers) used to make processed foods, pesticides & fertilizers sprayed on our crops, synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics found in animal foods. Many of these chemicals and food additives are harmful to our health and cause obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, infertility, birth defects, ADHD, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders, asthma, digestive and skin disorders etc…and have lead to a chronic disease epidemic in America. 

Why did I start Tera?

Because not so long ago I did not know anything about this. Despite my Harvard education, my endless curiosity and lifelong interest in sciences and dedication to health & fitness, I had no idea that everyday of my life I had sabotaged my health and the health of the 4 children I was raising. Out of ignorance of these well kept secrets, courtesy of Big Food, Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Healthcare and Big Oil. While I was doing research on the causes of climate change and environmental degradation, I stumbled about a series of articles in The Guardian Toxic America | US news | The Guardian that opened my eyes and I went down the rabbit hole, reading thousands of articles, listening to hundreds of podcasts, reading tens of books to learn more, focusing on gathering the opinions of scientists and healthcare professionals on these topics.

I realized how complex the problem was and how harmless consumers were to deal with it. So I decided to use my technology startup building skills to build tools that use scientific health data to empower Consumers to shift to a healthy and personalized diet and consume clean everyday products to avoid chronic diseases and extend their health span, and empower Businesses & Healthcare Professionals to promote preventive care by recommending personalized healthy eating habits & clean consumption changes to their customers and patients.

Tera has become my mission in life. I could not think of a better job. 

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