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Our Story

Our Story is just beginning


Hi! I am Bernard Louvat and the CEO and Founder of Tera.


Tera’s intent is to become the world’s largest digital platform to promote sustainable & healthy living and empower consumers, green brands and environmental nonprofits to grow a sustainable & healthy world together and help reverse Climate Change.

It is an ambitious goal but Big Problems require Big and Bold ideas.


I started working on the Tera business plan in August 2019. In October 2019, I decided to pursue the business concept and build a company around it. I then set a goal to release a beta version of the site to the Public on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, on April 22nd, 2020.

I honored the promise I had made to myself and the site was made public on that very day.

It is a work in progress and a still a Beta site so pardon me for the occasional bugs and unfinished web pages. But we are making rapid progress and the site is improving every day.

And despite its “beta status”, it is already the most comprehensive aggregation of content on climate change and sustainability on the Internet – at least as far as I can tell from my 9 months of online research on the topic- with 1,000+ curated articles from the highest quality content sources on those topics.


The story of Tera is just beginning. So far I have bootstrapped the company myself working with some talented content, web design and software engineering contractors. I wanted to materialize my Vision to a point where I could “show it” as opposed to “tell it” and then start scaling the company with external funding and a talented team. I am very close to that point.


My goal with Tera is to educate and empower consumers to adopt a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle, shift their consumption to less climate impactful green products, become climate activists to convince others to join the Climate Movement, and leverage the power of many to pressure businesses and politicians to accelerate the transition of our world from the “Fossil Fuel Economy” to the “Green Economy”.

But Tera does not just have consumers in mind. Tera will help green brands and local businesses to prosper, find new customers, develop more sustainable product design, sourcing, manufacturing and shipping practices to help reduce the huge carbon footprint that Industry currently generates.

Tera will also promote environmental non-profit organizations on the site, and expose them to new donors, supporters, and businesses that will endorse them.


My hope is that Tera becomes a hugely active Community of people, businesses and non-profits all united around a common goal to fight Climate Change and create a more sustainable economy and that Tera delivers a ton of value to these 3 constituencies to achieve those goals.


Thank you for visiting the site. I hope we will count you as a regular visitor and active member of our Community and that you will share your thoughts about how we can improve the site. See you online!