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Our Story


Hi there!

I am Bernard Henri Louvat, the Founder of Tera.

Bernard Louvat - Founder & CEO - TERA | LinkedIn.

The story of Tera is the story of my quest to understand why we are facing both a human health crisis and an environmental crisis today.
It is the story of our modern world gone wrong, with villains, victims, and heroes. A story of revolt, empowerment, regeneration, and hope.

Climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution, coupled with health issues such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, dementia, ADHD, and infertility, are all interconnected. It took me many months of relentless research to connect the dots. I've come to understand that these environmental and health crises are one and the same, stemming from a shared cause: our modern lifestyle. This lifestyle, driven by our everyday consumption, is shaped by industry tycoons who profit from it. They've transformed products, food, and services into ultra-convenient, addictive, and affordable consumables, but at a grave cost to human and planetary health.

Those new industries born in the 20th century post World War II, such as BigAg, BigFood, BigPharma, BigConsumerProduct, and FastFashion were the children of BigOil, and were built on oil derivatives or petrochemicals.

In today’s modern life, petrochemicals are everywhere:

  • in fertilizers and pesticides to grow the food we eat,
  • in food additives to make the ultra-processed “frankenfoods” that are killing us (sadly, US adults derive 60% of their calories from processed foods and children a scary 66%),
  • in plastic and the microplastics they generate that have invaded our bodies and the bodies of every sea creature,
  • In personal care, makeup, and household cleaning products,
  • in synthetic fibers to make our clothes, etc…

These chemicals are toxic and cause cancer, damage our organs, disrupt our hormones, cause infertility and childbirth defects, neurodevelopmental disorders in children and the list goes on…They also pollute our environment.
The excessive use of added sugars and other additives to make sodas and foods more addictive to consumers has been equally damaging to our health, driving the obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease crises.

Connecting all these dots and realizing that for all these years I had been blind and a victim of these industries, damaging my health and that of my children, polluting the planet with my consumption, was revolting. How could a Harvard educated man like me be so clueless? So misinformed? Why was all of this such a well kept Big Secret?

The reason is that those industries go to great lengths to silence the truth, lobby every congressman and every senator, prevent consumer protection laws from being passed, control consumer protection agencies, and inundate the Internet with false information to misinform us and protect their profits.

That feeling of disgust fed my determination to embark on a very ambitious mission:
Educate and Empower people to adopt a new and healthier lifestyle with new consumption habits to create and sustain personal and planetary health and break free from the shackles of the BigCorps.

For that purpose, we are building Tera, a set of personal technology solutions to empower you to know the impact of the everyday products you buy on your health and our planet.

To give you the transparency that is purposefully lacking in the consumer products and food industry so that you can make better choices for yourself and your loved ones.

To give you the power to protect yourself, and your family and to preserve our Planet.
To recommend the growing number of small ethical brands that have your interest at heart and their products that will restore your health while minimally impacting our planet. These are the heroes of my story.

The Tera team welcomes you and your family on that conscious, healthy, and empowering journey with us.


Bernard Henri Louvat
Tera Founder & CEO