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Food is our most effective and accessible medicine. What we eat daily can either accelerate our health and healing or add to internal inflammation and physical damage that can lead to disease and premature aging.

With so much nutrition information available - often conflicting - it can be challenging to understand what choices to make and which options are the best for your unique body’s needs. After all, your body is unlike any other body. There is no one-size fits all approach to nutrition, and you need to make choices that are best for your needs.

First and foremost, the nutrition component of the Tera app helps take the guesswork out of reading Nutrition Facts labels and helps make it easier to understand which choices are the best ones for you. But our ultimate goal is to provide a platform for you to learn more about food and nutrition, where the information is vetted and based on scientific evidence and helps you to become a wiser consumer and advocate of your health out in the world.

When you download the Tera app, it prompts you to input key specifications regarding your dietary preferences and needs. Once we receive your information, we will analyze the data found on the Nutrition Facts labels based on your unique requirements. Then we rank products so that it’s easy for you to make the right choices for your health.

If you do not choose any parameters for your nutrition needs, your settings will default to the guidelines best for the average, healthy adult.  These guidelines are outlined by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and the Food and Nutrition Board.

Of those parameters, we consider the following categories:

  • The type of fats and whether they are heart-healthy or not
  • The amount of cholesterol and sodium per serving
  • The type and quality of the carbohydrates, based on total fiber and percentage of added sugar
  • The total amount of protein in a particular product
  • As well as key vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium.

The FDA updated the nutrition label in February 2022.  This was the first substantive update to the nutrition label in almost 20 years.     Below is an illustration from the FDA on the changes to the label. 



Visit the interactive nutrition label to learn more or view the FDA video on the updated nutrition label below.  

Your health starts with what you eat. By using the Tera app for your food analytics, we help you find the best quality foods with the most nutrients to offer. Let us be your nutrition partner whenever you shop or dine.