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Meet our Founder

Bernard Louvat, Founder and CEO of Tera


Hi! I am Bernard Louvat, the CEO of Tera.

I grew up in France and moved to the United States to go to grad school in Boston, then again to California to work in the nascent Internet industry. My lifestyle is minimalist, vegan, low waste and outdoor. 

My parents who were avid hikers, campers and gardeners instilled in me the love of Nature. I played a lot outdoors growing up. I still do. It is my love for our Planet that drove me to start Tera.

I am very concerned about Climate Change, Pollution, Toxicity, Animal Cruelty and the accelerating deterioration of our ecosystems.

I decided to spend the rest of my life using my entrepreneurial skills to try to help reverse Climate Change and preserve our Planet for my four children and the future generations.

My entrepreneurial career has been eclectic but somewhat prepared me well to build Tera. I am the founder of three venture backed technology companies and two corporate retail ventures. My last start-up, TouchCommerce, became a leader in the Enterprise Live Chat and Messaging category. I also co-founded Evolution Robotics, a company in the field of consumer robotics and, an online business services marketplace for SMBs. I worked as a GM at CitySearch, a pioneering online City Guide. Earlier in my career I worked in Retail and launched Office Depot and The Disney Store in France. Prior to my entrepreneurial ventures, I worked in management consulting at Bain & Company and in Marketing at Lancome.

My vision for Tera is to build tools and technologies to make it easy to live and shop more healthily and sustainably, online and in stores, and in the Tera Marketplace. By downloading the Tera Browser Extension and Mobile App,  shoppers  will be empowered to identify products' ingredients and what impact those products have on their health and the environment. The tools will  also recommend alternative non toxic and sustainable products made by conscious brands to shift consumption away from the many dangerous products we routinely consume from our beloved and sometimes (mis)trusted leading consumer brands.

I believe most people are concerned about the future of our Planet and want to live and consume more sustainably. By using the Tera tools, that becomes easy with the added personal benefit of living more healthiy as well. 

So join the Tera Movement and let's build a more sustainable and healthier world together!