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By The Good Trade

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Your Ultimate Guide To Throwing A Sustainable Holiday Party

Your Ultimate Guide To Throwing A Sustainable Holiday Party

With all the fun and festive decorations, delicious cocktails, and endless holiday-themed appetizers and desserts it is one of the best times of year to bring friends and family together and just enjoy the season of giving. 

Unfortunately, the holidays can also come with some not so eco-friendly practices, and can create a lot of waste that can really add up by the end of the holiday season. So this year why not make your holiday party a little more special by taking a sustainable approach to planning (and throwing) the ultimate holiday party your friends and family will be sure never to forget. 

1. Opt for Local

When it comes to planning your sustainable holiday party menu, one of the best places to start is with your food! Start by making a list of what you would like to serve for your holiday party and then see how much of your menu can be sourced locally. Next, head to your local farmers market (if you are lucky enough to live where there is one year round) or a local co-op, and ask for help making your menu a little more seasonal. Most of the time the farmers, or co-op clerks will have great ideas for ingredients you can substitute to make a delicious menu that is filled with primarily local ingredients. 

This not only will help support your local community, but also will help make your entire holiday party more sustainable by reducing the amount of energy required to get the food you will be serving on your table, and into the mouths of your guests. 


2. Cook With Intention

Whether we realize it or not, a lot of food waste happens when we cook that can be easily avoided. So for your next holiday party, make a point to put out a big bowl ahead of time that will catch all your vegetable scraps as you are preparing your holiday meal. Save these in the refrigerator to use later on to make a vegetable stock, and reduce food waste in the process. 


3. Deck The Halls!

One of the best parts about an amazing holiday party may very well be the decorations. So rather than asking you to skip them entirely, we want you to decorate away with reusable decorations and living plants that can last long after the holidays are over. One of our favorite ways to decorate for the holidays is by lighting lots of eco-friendly coconut-based candles, and decorating the dining table with succulents from a local greenhouse. After the party is over you will still have your succulents to spread throughout your home, and candles that can be used anytime of year, or saved for next year.