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Why Zero-Waste Grocery Shopping Matters

Now This News

According to the EPA, 23% of the trash Americans are sending to landfills comes from containers and packaging, mostly of which is food packaging. The zero-waste grocery movement is helping to change this.

Zero waste grocery shopping is a movement that is striving to change our grocery shopping habits, in order to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, or worse in our oceans.

In this episode of One Small Step, your host Lucy Biggers heads over to Precycle, a zero waste and bulk grocery store in Brooklyn, New York. Precycle was founded by Katerina Bogatireva. Bogatireva hopes that more Americans can live a less-waste or zero-waste lifestyle, saying, "We've lived without disposable plastic before, and I think we need to unlearn some things."

It's important for us to be mindful of how much waste is being created when were shopping for food at the grocery store or buying food for takeout. So the next time you head to the supermarket keep these three tips in mind:

TIP 1: Avoid unnecessary packaging by buying unwrapped produce.
TIP 2: Bring your own reusable produce bag.
TIP 3: Find a bulk section and use it! Fill your own containers.

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