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What YOU can do about climate change

Our Changing Climate

In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look at what you can do about climate change using individual, personal, and collective actions. This video, however, is not a simple list of the best things a person can do to change their lifestyle and shrink their carbon footprint, instead I start by looking at the way in which we’ve globally become fixated on individual solutions to climate change. We envision ourselves more as consumers than as citizens. As a result carbon footprint related actions like flying less, zero waste, and recycling are prioritized over voting, protesting, and system change. This video is all about doing both personal things to lower your carbon footprint like driving less, but simultaneously acting collectively to create a system in which having a small carbon footprint is feasible for everyone. Structural change and individual change are both necessary to stop climate change.

Watch this video by Our Changing Climate at it's original source

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