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What is Zero Waste? What is the Circular Economy?

Going Zero Waste

What is zero waste?

The simple definition: to send nothing to the landfill.

The more complex and accurate description: To completely redefine the system, to move to a circular economy and write waste out of existence.

There's a more detailed explanation on my about zero waste page. I think I did a pretty bang up job, but there's going to be a lot of supplemental information in this post too.

Around the interewebs, I'm seeing people wanting to move away from the term zero waste. I get it. I do. Really. The term zero is probably not the best term. It can be scary. I know. I'm quoted saying as much in an article from the Guardian in 2016.

The main complaints I'm hearing is that zero waste is too restrictive or that it doesn't cover enough issues like environmental racism, intersectionality, climate change, carbon footprints, etc. etc.

The thing is it's all interconnected, and wanting to live a zero waste lifestyle does in fact incorporate many of those things. I'm constantly amazed how closely environmental and social problems are linked.

Recently, I attended the Global Wave Conference with Pela. Twice on the same day in two different sessions, I head people say overfishing is a major problem, but that the problem is exacerbated by slave trade on the high seas. Without labor costs the price of the fish is grossly undervalued.

If the price of fish accurately reflected all of the labor going into it, far less fish would be eaten simply because of the higher price tag. This would adjust the supply and demand. I'm not saying it would solve the overfishing problem, but it would certainly be a start.

Read the full and original article at Going Zero Waste

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