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What is Sustainable Living?

Conserve Energy Future

For each and every person to share a vision that involves experiencing a healthy and happy life within the fair utilization of earth’s resources while allowing space for the wilderness as well as wildlife, people have to adopt the principles of sustainable living. In other words, it must involve ways of living that advance good health and well-being while limiting destruction of the natural environment and wildlife.

Sustainable living is based on four main pillars namely minimizing waste, limiting the use of Earth’s natural resources, wise use of the environment, and ensuring quality working/living environments. The following are the guiding principles which can be used as an initiative to make sustainable and stable living a reality.

Principles of Sustainable Living
Effective land use and wildlife protection
This principle requires people to realize the need for effective land use and wildlife protection. The aim of the principle is to aid in creating new habitats and restoring biodiversity through effective land use and incorporating the practices in our surrounding environments. As the custodians of the planet’s natural environment, wise actions with regards to proper land use and wildlife protection are vital in embracing sustainable living.

Sustainable water usage
The requirement for the efficient use of water in farms, construction and manufacturing is part of sustainable living principles. The principle emphasizes on the need to advance good water utilization practices by designing water managements systems that can deal with issues such as flooding, water wastage, and protection of water sources from pollution or destruction.

Supporting local and organic foods
Sustainable farming is one of the vital principles of sustainable living. The principle insists on humane and sustainable farming by encouraging the availability of healthy, local, organic, low impact and seasonal diets. Food wastage is also highly discouraged. For this reason, people need to support local farming and organically grown products by buying local and eating organic foodstuffs.

The use of sustainable materials
Sustainable materials refer to healthy, efficient and durable products. Examples include materials that are locally sourced, manufactured from waste or renewable resources, and those with low embodied energy.

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