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How To Save Energy At Home

Tera Team

This article will show you easy ways to save water and energy at home. These tips will help save the planet and be a real treat to your wallet!


Save Energy And Water

Going green and zero waste can also help you save on your energy and water bills, and it will show a true impact on the long term. For example, in the US, about 19% of all energy delivered to households is used for heating water. Turning your hot water heat down to 120F will help you save up a lot of money and energy. Moreover, the kitchen sink is the greatest source of water-related carbon emissions in the home and using your dishwasher will often be more efficient than washing your dish by hand. In general, try and turn off the water as much as you can when showering, doing the dishes, brushing your teeth, etc. 

We recommend switching to water-efficient appliances like this easy self-install shower, which will save water as well as give you a spa-like sensation!

Nebia by Moen

♥ Spa Shower | Nebia ♥

As for gas and electric appliances, the first thing you should do is look for a green energy supplier using energy from renewable sources (solar, wind, etc.). If you can, swap to a smart thermostat which lets you control your heat through your smartphone. 

This thermostat from Ecobee will help you monitor your energy more carefully and make savings!

SmartThermostat with voice control

♥ Smart Thermostat |EcoBee

Otherwise, many heaters have timers so you can adjust the heat according to the time of the day. 

Video: 15 Ways to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

Many daily actions can actually make a difference. Tumble dryers are real energy-guzzlers and represent the most carbon-intensive part of taking care of our dirty clothes. Just like we said before, lower the temperature of your wash and opt for air-drying everytime you can. As for your kettle, filling it with as much water as you need can prevent 2 million tons of carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere. Even the smallest steps can make a change! Draught-proofing is also really important to save energy. In winter, keep your curtains closed at night and draught-proof your doors.


Take Action To Reduce Global Energy Spending

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