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Easy Zero Waste Swaps

Tera Team

In this article, the Tera Team has chosen some of the easiest zero waste swaps for you to begin your low waste lifestyle!


Zero waste must-haves

First, let’s look into zero waste must-haves. These items will help you live zero waste everyday. 


Purchase a reusable water bottle

Cut plastic waste and get this beautiful and reusable glass bottle.

♥ Reusable Water Bottle | SandCloud ♥

Keep reusable shopping bags

Stop trashing bags every time you go shopping, these grocery bags will help you reduce plastic pollution in your daily life.

Reusable Grocery Bags Set Shopping Box | Earthwise

Buy reusable straws

Reusable straws will be great for the environment but also for your wallet!

Purchase a reusable mug for your coffee or tea

Takeaway coffee produces billions of single-use cups every year, most of which aren’t recycled. Take your reusable mug and take action for the planet!


Zero waste home

The following swaps will help you reduce waste in many aspects of your home! Live waste-free and save the planet. 

Store in mason jars

Store your bulk food in glass containers or mason jars and you’ll feel a lot better in your home, adding minimalism and decluttering to a greener way of life. 

Reduce/eliminate paper goods (plates, cups, napkins, paper towel,...) and use cloth napkins, bamboo cutlery and reusable/recyclable cups

Single-use items are the first things to refuse on your zero waste journey. 

Large Bamboo Kitchen Cloth - Set of 3

♥ Bamboo Kitchen Cloth | Plantish 

Skip fabric softener and dryer sheets (wool dryer balls)

Save time, money and energy while contributing to a healthier environment for all! Fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain chemicals harmful for your health and the planet. 


♥ Eco-Dryer Balls | Friendsheep Wool

Turn off the water - showering, doing the dishes, brushing your teeth…

And simply reduce your use of this precious resource by using water-efficient appliances, like the one below.

Nebia Spa Shower 2.0

Classic Shower Head| High Sierra

Adjust your heat and AC

Turn your hot water heater down to 120F and save energy with smart appliances, your home will be greener and your budget smaller!

1-pack A21 E26

LED Bulb| Phillips

SmartThermostat with voice control

♥ Smart Thermostat | Ecobee 

Use natural cleaning products

Stay green while you clean and switch to natural cleaning products.

All-Purpose Home Cleaner

♥ All-Purpose Home Cleaner | Meliora Cleaning Products 

Liquid Dish Soap (32 Fl Oz)

♥ Liquid Dish Soap | Cleancult 


Zero waste shopping

Finally, here are some tips for zero waste shopping. Changing your shopping habits is an essential part of the low waste lifestyle and we hope these tips will make it easier for you!

  • Buy loose produce instead of packaged
  • Give kids experiences rather than plastic toys
  • Shop second hand
  • Be sustainable with new clothing

For more tips and swaps on the zero waste lifestyle, join our Zero Waste community!


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