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7 Ways to Avoid Food Waste

Going Zero Waste

The most popular phrase you'll see on this blog is "I hate food waste." I do. I really, really, really HATE food waste. 40% of all the food in America is wasted.

With all of that wasted food, we could feed 60 million people for a year! Food also makes up 20% of the solid waste in landfills. When organics, like food, are trapped in a landfill they can't decompose.

There's not enough air in the landfill to aid in decompositions. All of the organics are surround nonorganic material making it impossible for it to breakdown.

Instead, the organics release methane which is 20 times more powerful than Co2. It's a huge contributor to climate change.

Besides, the ecological impact of wasted food, you're throwing away $2,000 a year. What a huge waste of money.

1. take inventory:
How often do you go to the grocery store without checking what you already have in your fridge first?

Sit down and take five minutes to make a quick meal plan. This isn't your normal type of meal planning. (Trust me, I HATE meal planning.)

This is just a road map to make sure that you're not wasting food. With a rough idea of the types of meals you'll be eating, you know what to buy and what to eat first.

2. one bad spot doesn't equal a rotten tomato:
A little bit of mold isn't going to kill you. If there's a small speck of mold on a tomato or a bell pepper, I just cut it off.

If you see something starting to go bad, it's getting a couple of dark spots, just cut them off. Make sure to cook the foods with high heat and you'll be fine.

Read the full and original article at Going Zero Waste

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