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7 Healthy Plant Foods With Almost As Much Protein As Meat

7 Healthy Plant Foods With Almost As Much Protein As Meat

When most people think of protein, they think of meat. But several high-protein plant foods give animal-based protein a run for its money—and some might even convince you to finally ditch the chicken breast or steak for good.

While a 3 ounces of chicken contains 24 grams of protein and 3 ounces of steak contains 22 grams of protein, plant-based staples really don’t fall too far behind. Whether you’ve been thinking of making a lentil soup, roasting some chickpeas, or steaming some edamame to snack on, you’ll take in more than enough protein to meet your daily requirements. And these are some of the best high-protein plant foods to add to your diet.

The healthiest high-protein plant foods
1. Lentils
Protein: 18 grams per one-cup serving

“Not only do these yellow, red, green, and brown legumes last on shelves for months—whether you buy them canned or dried—every bite of them gives you a high dose of nutrients, so there’s good reason for storing them in bulk.”

Recipe to try: Vegan Lentil Meatballs

2. Black beans
Protein: 15 grams per one-cup serving

“As plant-based eating continues to dominate, you can expect these humble little beans to take center stage in your food even more frequently.”

Recipe to try: Vegan Black Bean Ceviche Tostada

3. Chickpeas
Protein: 15 grams per one-cup serving

“[Chickpeas] are being transformed into healthier, high-protein versions of classic comfort foods, from pasta and rice to chips and ice cream. And consumers are eating it up.”

Recipe to try: Chickpea Blondie Muffins

4. Tempeh

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