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20 Easy Zero Waste Swaps

Going Zero Waste

When you first start going zero waste, you probably want to get some quick wins under your belt. It can be pretty daunting to know where to start so I’ve rounded up 20 easy ways for you to get started!

If you’re just starting out trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle then be sure to check out the beginner’s tab or take the Zero Waste Challenge. The ZWC is an amazing way to build habits and implement many of these changes in your life.

1. water bottle:
Carrying a reusable water bottle is one of the easiest habits to get in.

I always tell people to add it to their mantra before they leave the house: phone, wallet, water, keys.

Some overall good brands to consider are: Klean Kanteen, Swell (stainless steel), Life Factory (glass), and Bobble (plastic). They each make different kinds of reusable water bottles from different materials, but they’ll all get the job done.

2. grocery bags:
Bag podz are my favorite reusable bags! I use these all the time, I love the handy little pod they come in.

It's like an endless supply of bags that fit in that tiny pod. I never fear of running out in the check out line of the grocery store.

The other tote I always have on my is my Amour Vert cotton tote. The tote came with a purchase I made online, but it’s one of my favorite bags to carry with me. I really wish they made other designs because I would love to have another one.

Read the full and original article at Going Zero Waste

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