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15 Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps

Wild Minimalist

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the second most wasteful part of the home. Bathroom products have been designed to be convenient and disposable and are often packaged in wasteful plastic packaging. And marketers would have us believe that we need these products to stay beautiful, hygienic and happy.

In reality, there are reusable or compostable alternatives to all of these products that can help you transition to a zero waste bathroom. You will replace cabinets full of disposable products with clean, minimal shelves stocked with essentials. You will say goodbye to your trash bin and replace it with a compost bucket for any waste you create. And beauty, hygiene and happiness will not be compromised—you may even notice that they are enhanced! 

Here are 15 simple swaps for a zero waste bathroom:

1. Toothbrush: Plastic toothbrushes are disposable and remain in the landfill indefinitely. Or they end up in the oceans or consumed by marine life. Switch to a bamboo toothbrush with compostable plant-based bristles. When you’re done with the toothbrush, you can place the entire brush (with bristles into the compost).

2. Toothpaste. Toothpaste comes in plastic tubes that are non-recyclable. Switch to a homemade toothpaste like my recipe here, or buy a toothpaste that comes in a glass jar (I love Uncle Harry's).

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