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10 steps to take to start becoming plastic-free

The Los Angeles Times

Given how many plastic products we buy every day, it’s hard to think about cutting plastic out of your life. A few years ago, the Guardian reported that people around the world buy 1 million plastic bottles per minute — or 20,000 bottles every second.

So where do you begin changing it up? Beth Terry, who writes about how she kicked the plastic habit over a decade ago in books and at, advises newcomers to try not to be overwhelmed by doing everything at once. Instead, set reasonable and attainable goals and go from there. Here are some tips from her list of 100 Steps to a Plastic-Free Life.

The big four: You’ve likely already figured out how to banish single-use plastic water bottles, bags, straws and produce bags by shopping with your own reusable bags and refilling water bottles rather than buying single-serve items. Step it up by bringing your own containers for takeout food and leftovers.

Fresh bread: Avoid bread in plastic bags by buying fresh loaves from a bakery or farmers market and putting them in a cloth bag or tin. Terry uses leftover jumbo popcorn bins.

On the road: Bring your own mug when you travel to avoid using plastic or Styrofoam cups in your hotel room. Also carry a set of reusable utensils for eating. Ditto for headphones; don’t grab the ones airlines hand out for free, which often are wrapped in plastic too.

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