Shop healthy.
Avoid diseases.

Shop healthy. Avoid diseases.

How to use the Tera app

  • Select your shopping preferences to create your Tera Product Filter
  • Select a store and browse your personal aisles
  • Search and score products for health and planet impact
  • Buy healthier products

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How the Tera App works in 4 steps:

  • Create your Tera Product Filter
Create your personal profile or filter by selecting health preferences to avoid toxic chemicals, food allergens, chronic diseases, unhealthy foods, and products that harm our planet

  • Select a store and browse your personal aisles
Select a store you shop at and let Tera create a personal aisle for you by ranking all products from the highest to the lowest match to your health preferences. 

  • Search and score products
Search products across all of your selected stores and let Tera rank search results from highest to lowest match to your shopping preferences.

  • Buy healthier products
You can buy a product by clicking on the Buy button and get to the store website or app that sells the product Tera scored and buy it there. Tera is not yet selling products directly to users

Watch a video tutorial on how to use the Tera App

For a more in-depth tutorial, go to our In-depth Tutorial page

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