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Shop healthy. Avoid diseases.

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What are Some Great Healthy Eating Alternatives to Processed Foods

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Understanding Processed Foods

Before we jump into alternatives, let’s clarify what processed foods truly are. Processing refers to any deliberate change in a food before it is ready for consumption. From heating and canning to drying and refrigeration, these techniques are commonly used to prepare and preserve food.

However, not all processed foods are created equal. Basic processing methods, such as cleaning and parboiling, do not necessarily make food unhealthy. It’s the ultra-processed foods that should raise concern. These are industrial formulations with numerous additives, often found in shiny packages, and have been linked to health problems like obesity and cancer.

stock photo of a pile of junk food

Choosing Healthier Alternatives

Now that we understand the difference, let’s explore better alternatives to popular ultra-processed foods. Here are some nutritious swaps you can make:

 Your Day Right

Instead of sweetened breakfast cereals, opt for plain bran cereal or indulge in a hearty bowl of oatmeal made with rolled oats, and sweetened with fruit and honey. It’s a delicious and wholesome way to kick-start your mornings.

Quench Your Thirst

Trade soda for artificially flavored sparkling water or carbonated water with a splash of fruit juice or real fruit slices. It’s a refreshing alternative that keeps you hydrated without the excess sugar and additives.

Soda healthy alternatives- carbonated water with a splash of fruit juice

Snack Smart

Instead of flavored potato chips, go for plain tortilla chips or make your own DIY pita chips. Pair them with some organic salsa or guacamole for a satisfying and healthier snack option.

Bread Bliss

Say goodbye to white bread and opt for whole wheat bread with minimal ingredients. Better yet, try your hand at baking homemade whole-wheat bread. It’s a fun way to control the ingredients and enjoy a wholesome slice.

What's the alternative to chips tortilla chips and guac?

Poultry Perfection

Swap fried chicken for deli rotisserie chicken or roast your own chicken from scratch. It’s a flavorful and healthier choice that eliminates the excess oil and additives found in fast-food options.

Sweet Treats

Instead of reaching for candy bars with long ingredient lists, savor simple candy bars with short ingredient lists or treat yourself to dark chocolate squares or better yet try dates, nature’s candies. Indulge in moderation and relish the rich flavors of quality chocolate.

Coffee Consciousness

Skip the additive blended c@$! coffee at Starbucks and opt for store-bought or a great organic coffee from a local shop. Enjoy the pure taste of coffee without the added sugars and artificial flavors.

Potato Upgrade

Say goodbye to mashed potato flakes and frozen potatoes. Embrace the goodness of fresh, whole potatoes and experiment with different cooking methods to create your perfect potato dish.

Natural Energy Boost

Instead of energy drinks and sweetened fruit juices, opt for fresh-squeezed orange juice, or try making your own nutritious smoothies using whole fruits and vegetables. It’s a great way to energize your day without the excessive additives.

Wholesome Snacking

Replace artificially flavored cheese crackers with naturally flavored crackers, preferably whole-grain options. Pair them with cheese slices for a balanced and satisfying snack.

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