Shop healthy.
Avoid diseases.

Shop healthy. Avoid diseases.

Extended app tutorial:

The Tera app is designed to help you find consumer products (food, personal care, cosmetics, and household cleaning products) that are healthy for you, your family, and the planet at the stores you already regularly shop at or at new stores you may want to discover.

Configuring the App to you and your family’s health requirements

Users can create a personal or family shopping profile, that we call your Tera Healthy-Shopping Filter, to be alerted to products’ health attributes that matter to them such as

  • Containing chemicals that are harmful to their health
  • Containing allergens you or someone in your household are sensitive to
  • How nutritious or unhealthy food products are
  • What chronic disease(s) food products can cause
  • How harmful products are to our planet
How do I set up my personal Tera Healthy-Shopping Filter?

In one minute, you’ll be able to personalize the app by selecting your health preferences based on what’s important to you!

This will personalize your product scores, product searches, product recommendations, and how we merchandise your favorite stores. To get you started, we pre-selected a few of the most impactful health preferences in each category (except for allergens).

But these are your preferences, so please make them your own, and remember you can always update them at any time in your profile.

How are my health preferences used?

We use your preferences to

  • Score products to help you either avoid a product or choose a product based on how positive or negative the score is. A product score in Tera is not a number but rather the sum of preferences matches (green preference buttons) and non-matches (orange and red preference buttons)
  • Match you with products that fit your health and planet preferences
  • Curate a tailored product selection in your preferred stores, ranking items from the most to the least aligned with your preferences
  • Rank search results accordingly from highest to lowest match
  • Recommend products you will love
  • Highly personalize your shopping experience for everyday consumer products.

How do I find out about how a product will impact my health and our planet?

Simply click on the product you’re interested in and you will see how every selected preference has been scored in the Health tab and in the Planet tab.

You will notice how well the product matches your health preferences based on the sentence within each button (Ex: Gluten Free) and the button color (Green is a match, Orange and Red are not matches). Note that a white button expresses a health or planet impact for preferences you did not select and a gray button means that we did not have enough information to properly assess the risk associated with that preference.


Each preference button is clickable, so you can get more product information such as for toxicity preferences, the corresponding official ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), and GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling) health and planet impact hazard statements to alert you to the specific level of risk of the harmful ingredients present in a product.

What about if I want to find out more about a specific ingredient?

We got you covered. You can click on Ingredients below the Product Description and on that Ingredients page, we display all product ingredients and highlight in red and orange those you should be most concerned about. Each ingredient is ‘clickable’ to reveal more information about that ingredient, including specific hazard alerts associated with that ingredient.

How do I find healthy product alternatives?

You can find Tera recommendations for other healthy products to consider by either clicking on the View Your Top Alternatives button, below the Buy button, or scroll down to the Consider These Alternatives section where Tera lists the product alternatives from highest to lowest match according to your selected preferences.

How do I buy a product?

You can buy a product by clicking on the Buy button (ex: Buy at Wholefoods) and get to the store website or app that sells the product and buy it there. Tera is not yet selling products directly.



How do I find products sold by the same brand?

You can access a Brand Shop (below) by clicking on the View Shop button below the Nutrition button.

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