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Dishwasher Detergent (64 Count)


For Squeaky Clean Dishes: Handles Stuck-On Food, Naturally

Our triple-action dishwashing detergent uses natural minerals to rinse away baked-on food and stains, no pre-wash needed. Glasses so sparkly and dishes so clean you can eat off them. Literally.

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Sodium carbonate*, sodium percarbonate*, poly(itaconic acid-co-AMPS) sodium salt* , trisodium citrate dihydrate*, alkoxylated alcohol*, subtilisin*, silicic acid*, tetraacetylethylenediamine*, alpha amylase*, polyvinyl alcohol film (PVOH). *Denotes plant or mineral origin.

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Dropps® is a leading unit dose household products company committed to delivering great cleaning to our customers in the safest, most convenient way possible. Dropps is the only unit dose brand whose products include detergents, additives, fabric softeners and dishwashing pacs.

Convenient wash plans start at just $4/month. Free shipping.

2017 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year. Featured on Oprah’s “O List” and the Reader’s Choice Award winner for Best Unit Dose Laundry Detergent and Best Fabric Softener. No heavy jugs, no measuring, no mess. Just toss and go!

By removing the harsh chemicals and water, we removed the need for bulky plastic bottles and the energy that comes in marking and shipping them. That's a lot of big steps to a smaller footprint.