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Shop healthy. Avoid diseases.

Books that changed my health- Melanie Murphy Richter, MS, RDN

I am an avid reader, and an even more voracious student. I love learning and understanding, and have a very big, curious appetite for connecting the dots between the mind, body and spirit. Here is a list of books that changed my life, incrementally, as I was both exploring my own physical healing, and learning […]

Nutrition for Longevity

Globally, human life expectancy has nearly doubled since the 1900s. However, a 2019 report by the National Health Council stated that nearly a third of the American population is living with multiple chronic health conditions. Some of the most concerning of them include our staggering adult obesity rates, which have risen 166% since 1990, as […]

Improving Your Gut Health Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Immunity

Our microbiome is populated by trillions (yes, trillions!) of microbiota (or microbiomes), including a great many different species of living bacteria, fungi, and viruses. When in balance, all of these organisms serve specific and necessary roles in keeping our bodies functioning properly. These living microbiota in our gut play two critical roles in regulating and […]

Understanding Inflammation and the Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The Role of Inflammation in Health Inflammation serves as a fundamental defense mechanism in the body, responding to external threats like bacteria and viruses. However, when this response becomes chronic, it shifts from being protective to harmful, potentially leading to a lot of diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and Alzheimer’s. The chronic […]

Cruciferous Vegetables: A 101 Guide

cruciferous vegetables photo

Unlock the power of cruciferous vegetables—a family of nutrient-rich greens with cancer-fighting properties and a wealth of health benefits. From arugula to kale, discover how these natural wonders support heart and digestive health, and learn tasty ways to integrate them into your daily diet for a vibrant, healthier you.

Nutrition and genetics: What is Epigenetics?

nutriton: epigenetic banner

Explore the fascinating world of epigenetics and learn how your diet can directly influence your genes. Discover the power of phytonutrients in colorful fruits and vegetables to protect your cells and potentially reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Unlock the secrets of optimizing your health through what you eat, and make informed choices to positively impact your gene expression.

9 Remarkable Health Benefits of Berries

Dive into the world of berries, nature’s antioxidant powerhouses, and uncover their nine remarkable qualities. From boosting heart health and improving blood sugar response to fighting inflammation and supporting weight management, berries are nutritional gems in every bite. Embrace the multitude of health benefits they offer and learn how to incorporate them into various diets for a vibrant, healthier lifestyle.

Artificial vs Natural Flavors: Uncovering Health Risks & Safe Alternatives

photo of different kinds of candy

Opt for whole, unprocessed foods to avoid the hidden dangers of artificial and natural flavors in your diet. Protect your health and the environment by being vigilant about the ingredients in your food, and use tools like the Tera app to uncover potentially harmful additives. Together, we can make informed choices and advocate for transparency and safety in food production.

What are Minerals and Why Are They Important for a Healthy Life?

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Minerals, the inorganic essentials for our body, demand a balanced diet and, when necessary, high-quality supplements tailored to individual needs. For a guided approach to mineral supplementation, consider exploring expert recommendations, such as those by Dr. Mark Hyman, to enhance overall well-being.

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