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We turn recycled plastic into the best shades out there. For the beach, mountains and everywhere the sun’s out. Always polarized and backed by our Forever Warranty. Sustainably made from SuperLight recycled plastic. Proudly independent, proudly California.

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Sunski didn't start in a board room with a tiny business plan. Instead, we followed our hearts and fell in love with sunglasses. Tom and Michael suddenly and accidentally own a sunglasses company. Slowly but surely, they start to develop new designs and the foundation for a healthy small business. A daring few join them on the journey and the Sunski team is born.


The climate is changing, and it's our responsibility to do something Sunski is committed to making a positive impact on our community and the planet. Sunski gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to environmental nonprofits. We also believe there is an essential connection between good design and sustainability, and that good design makes for a better planet.


The climate is changing, and it's our responsibility to do something. RECYCLED FRAMES SuperLight Recycled Frames When we started, recycled plastic sunglasses didn’t exist. So we invented our own. Our SuperLight frames are stronger, lighter, and more comfortable than anything on the market. Sourced locally and saved from a US landfill. NO PLASTIC PACKAGING No Single-Use Plastic Every pair of sunglasses on earth comes in a plastic bag, except ours. Our recycled packaging uses innovative origami folds instead of plastic and glue to package and protect our frames. CARBON NEUTRAL Certified Carbon Neutral All energy use creates carbon, from shipping to electricity to manufacturing. By 2020 we pledge to fully understand our carbon footprint and offset our entire organization with carbon credits.