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Patara is making sustainable footwear, designed to go to the beach, the bar, and everywhere in between.

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For the 25-year-old finance major the steps to CEO and business co-founder began with the desire to travel and collaborate with his younger brother, Kilian. Spending the summer after graduation in Thailand, the two were drawn to the customary hand-woven footwear they saw in the markets there. Although they had no experience in the fashion industry, they had fun brainstorming a business idea together. “We thought it would be cool if we could intertwine the heritage and fabrics we saw in Thailand into a free form shoe,” Christian says. “It was a way for my brother and I to have a project together.”

The brothers returned to the States and set about designing comfortable, versatile shoes that could go “from beach to bar.” The Rosiers took inspiration from the handmade, vibrantly patterned Thai fabrics, combined with contemporary comfort features, such as padded insoles and rubberized soles.

Six months and a few manufacturing setbacks and prototypes later, the brothers had a shoe design but no one to make them. They almost let the idea drop but the feedback Christian received kept him going. “Every time I’d wear them, I’d get compliments,” he says. “So the idea got reignited.”

The brothers talked up their idea to anyone who was interested. Eventually, a family friend from Thailand introduced the Rosiers to Thai weaving collectives and a family-run factory there that could manufacture the shoes in keeping with their vision. The rest is history.


We started Patara with the idea that one pair of shoes should be light enough to carry in your backpack and versatile enough to blend seamlessly from one setting to the next. Combining unique and creative textiles with a minimalist travel shoe has allowed us to develop a fresh perspective on the way footwear is manufactured and the materials that are used in its development. We are devoted to finding and utilizing the most innovative, versatile, and sustainable materials in order to pave the way for a new wave of casual footwear.


Patara Shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and incredibly eco-friendly.  Simply put, we are pushing traditional craftsmanship to new limits. Our progressive outlook allows us to create simple yet classic designs that are made using quality and sustainable materials like hemp, cork, organic cotton, recycled PET, and natural rubber, all without compromising your style.