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Natural Habitat Adventures

Nat Hab leads guided nature expeditions and wildlife safaris worldwide • World Wildlife Fund conservation travel partner • World’s first 100% carbon-neutral travel company • Sustainable ecotourism operator

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Story:Since 1985, Nat Hab has delivered life-enhancing nature and wildlife experiences to small groups of passionate explorers. We combine an innovative approach to travel, personal attention to detail, and industry-leading sustainability practices to provide intimate encounters with Earth's wildest places. Our mission is conservation through exploration—protecting our planet by inspiring travelers, supporting local communities and boldly influencing the entire travel industry. In collaboration with World Wildlife Fund, our conservation travel partner, we've developed innovative and exclusive itineraries in remote places largely inaccessible to tourist crowds. Our Expedition Leaders are the most highly trained naturalist guides in the industry, sharing expert interpretation along with personal attention to each traveler. And our distinctive lodgings are integral to a matchless nature immersion, offering proximity to wildlife and exceptional comfort in an unobtrusive context. Averaging just nine guests, our groups are the smallest in the industry, facilitating quiet opportunities for close-up, meaningful interactions with wildlife.
Mission:Nat Hab's mission is conservation through exploration—protecting our planet by inspiring travelers, supporting local communities and boldly influencing the entire travel industry.
Sustainability:There’s no getting around the fact that as a travel company, we are contributing to the problem of climate change. With more than 8,000 travelers annually on 100-plus adventures on all seven continents, we expend tons of CO2. And it’s warming the earth’s atmosphere, with destructive consequences. We wrestle with this quandary, especially since our product is nature travel—how can we harm the very places and creatures we take our guests to see? Ultimately, however, we believe that what we do offers a net benefit to the fate of the planet. Our product—conservation travel—imbues value to natural habitats, bringing economic resources to local communities and inspiring them to protect wild places and the wildlife that thrives within them. And by bringing travelers deep into nature and face to face with its greatest spectacles, we allow them to feel awe, wonder and joy. When we experience the beauty and silence of wilderness, or meet an animal up close and share an inquisitive gaze, we come to understand what is at stake. In those moments, we discover what it is to love what is threatened…and we must love it, in order to protect it. Our hope is that our travelers go home transformed, as ambassadors for conservation, bent on finding political and technological solutions to address the climate crisis. Our Response Recognizing our contribution to environmental degradation, we are dedicated to reducing it—and not just our own impact: Since our founding in 1985, Nat Hab has been committed to global leadership to make the entire travel industry more sustainable. Our goal isn’t simply to be the most environmentally responsible tour operator in the world, however, but to continually raise the bar on sustainability, and to challenge other travel-related businesses to raise their standards as well. Our efforts to mitigate our environmental impact are currently focused on these endeavors: Carbon Neutral Travel, Reducing Waste, A Green Office Community, Partnering with World Wildlife Fund, and Natural Habitat Philanthropy.