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Mud Jeans

We are a circular denim brand. Our high quality jeans consist of recycled and organic cotton. We use your worn out jeans to create new ones. For a future without waste.

We are a circular denim brand. Our high quality jeans consist of recycled and organic cotton. We use your worn out jeans to create new ones. For a future without waste.

MUD Jeans is not just another jeans brand. They're on a mission to create a circular economy within their supply chain.
This is why they also offer the option of Lease a Jeans to make sure that they stay the owners of the raw materials and customers give them back after use for recycling and being created into a brand new pair!
They're very transparent about their factories and how the jeans are made, giving their customer more of a reason to support them. They do sell brand new jeans as well as some other basics that are made from recycled materials.
Product range: Women and men's denim jeans and a small range of jackets.
Where products are made: Tunisia.
Price: Medium to high.
Ordering: Based in the Netherlands and ship worldwide.

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It started in 2013 when Bert van Son founded the company. His 30 years’ experience in the fashion industry made him realize how dirty and unfair the industry is most of the time. He has witnessed that life for factory workers is extremely demanding, and that it makes great demands of nature. And decided this was something he wanted to change. Bert believes that having fun without destroying the earth and its resources is possible. As an amateur-sailor he realizes how strong nature is and how the elements master you. Together with his team, Bert transformed MUD Jeans into an exemplary company, consistently putting circular economy principles into practice. Mastering the fashion industry on a different level. MUD Jeans aims to make good quality, ethical jeans available to more people. Our jeans already hit about every box on the ethical checklist, but then we took it a step further. In 2013, MUD Jeans launched the pioneering lease system. This system ensures that we keep hold of our valuable fibres and that every garment comes back to us and gets recycled. Repairs are provided for free and the customers can keep the jeans for as long as they want, with a Repair Service provided for free. Or they can swap them for a new pair after the one-year rental term is complete. It resulted in global media awareness and Bert sharing the MUD Jeans story worldwide.


A world without waste Being mindful of nature and people is a necessity. We envision a future in which the fashion industry finds a way of producing and consuming that does not stand in the way of our enjoyment nor that of future generations. Circular design
 We take the most popular and dirty fashion item in the world, a pair of jeans, and produce it in a circular way without losing a timeless sense of style. Circular economy. We are always busy improving our products. Our goal is to make our products 100% circular. In 2020 we want to launch the sample of a pair of jeans made from 100% recycled cotton. Fair Factories. By producing consciously, we directly create a safer and healthier working environment for our colleagues in the factories. In 2020 we want to have conducted a new social audit. Positive Activism. With a smile on our face, we tell the world about how our innovative production techniques will change the world for the better. We aim inspire others to start walking the talk. By 2020 we want to have influenced even more people, universities, and companies.


Our impact The circular economy guides every decision we make at MUD Jeans. From the design of our jeans, in which we said goodbye to leather patches, to taking back your worn MUD Jeans for recycling. Our ultimate goal: a world without waste. Along the way we’ve already made a lot of impact. Water We saved 300 million liters of water in the last 3 years. To produce one pair of MUD Jeans we use 1,500 litres of water, compared to an industry standard of 7,000 litres per jeans. So with every jeans purchased you save 5,500 litres of water. We added it up and over the last three years we’ve saved 300 million litres of water – which could almost fill an entire ocean. Also: if water is used in our production we make sure that it comes out cleaner than before. Water recycling plants and innovative washing techniques used at the factories we work with make this possible. CO2 In the last 3 years we avoided 700,000 kilos of CO2. MUD Jeans is carbon neutral. With the help of a Bluedot Lifecycle report we found out that 9kg of CO2 are emitted during the production of one pair of MUD Jeans. This is 61% less than the industry standard. We owe these savings to decisions throughout the production such as the use of renewable energy in our factories as well as the use of recycled cotton. But our efforts don’t stop here, since 2016 we’ve been offsetting our emissions and are therefore carbon neutral. Read the full Bluedot report here. Next up on our carbon agenda: becoming carbon positive. Recycling Over the past three years we’ve saved 12,000 jeans from landfill and incineration and turned them into new denim. With our take-back scheme we collect jeans that consist of more than 96% cotton and send them to the recycle factory Recovertex in Spain. In collaboration with the denim experts in Valencia, our fabrics are made with up to 40% recycled post consumer denim. Chemicals We’ve eliminated all toxic chemicals such as potassium permanganate from our production processes and replaced it with techniques such as laser, ozone and E-flow. The few chemicals still used throughout the production are entirely non-toxic and are Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified. 2020 goals Of course this is not our end goal, and we’ve got big plans for the future. Our wildest dream is to one day sell 100% recycled denim and therefore close our loop entirely. Until we get there, we’ve set some smaller goals for 2020 such as trying on the first sample of a 100% recycled denim, expanding our take-back scheme outside of the free shipping zone and mapping and reducing our energy and water use. To achieve them we’re currently working on an updated LCA study to find out every single detail about each of our jeans. For more info read our full Sustainability Report.