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Linenfox makes gorgeous womenswear made from sustainably sourced linen.

They run their company according to fair trade principles and pay honest wages. They apply “no waste’’ principles, as they sell their fabrics scraps, use scrawls for packing etc.

The best part is that they can do so many alterations to the garment style that you pick including adding length to the garment, making the garment shorter, adding length to the sleeves, making the sleeves shorter, raising or lower the neckline and changing the place of the waist seam.

So, if you love the basic style and design, but want to make it perfect for yourself, it’s possible! They also have a range of colours you can choose from and fabric blends. Each piece is made to order. Note: Not all garments and products are vegan. They sell beeswax candles and use wool in some of their garment options.

Product range: Women's clothing, bedding, kitchen, bathroom and accessories.

Where products are made: Lithuania.

Price: Medium.

Ordering: Based in Lithuania and ship worldwide.

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Third Party Certified 1
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Non-Toxic Organic OEKO-TEX 3
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Product Categories: Clothing & Shoes Apparel Women
Story:Since the first linen dress created back in 2014, we cut and sew all of our linen garments locally in Lithuania using only toxic-free, Oeko-tex certificated linen. We (my husband and I) started Linenfox because we were looking for simple, durable and quality made linen garments for a reasonable price and we couldn’t find the. First pieces led us to new ones, and now we’re a company of 15 people working together every day for many reasons: quality, sustainability and, finally, for an earth-friendly product made with love.
Mission:With all respect for the people we work with, relationships and our company culture, we run our company according to fair trade principles, pay honest wages and appreciate our specialist truly.
Sustainability:We cut and sew all of our linen garments locally in Lithuania using only toxic-free, Oeko-tex certificated linen. Our packaging is made from paper and it’s 98 % plastic-free. It could be easily recycled or used twice. We also apply “no waste” principles inside Linenfox, we sell our fabrics scraps, use scrawls for packing.