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Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods was founded in 2015 with a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone. We offer imperfect (yet delicious) produce, affordable pantry items, and quality eggs and dairy. We deliver them conveniently to our customers’ doorsteps and pride ourselves on offering up to a 30% discount compared to grocery store prices. Our customers can get the healthy, seasonal produce they want alongside the grocery staples they rely on, without having to compromise their budget or values. We’re proving that doing the right thing for the planet doesn’t have to cost more, and that shopping for quality ingredients can support the people and resources that it takes to grow our favorite foods.

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Heading into his senior year at Brown University, Chesler was beginning to think of life after college. Unsure of what path to take, he applied for a wide range of jobs, from consultant to truck driver, but was unable to land any of them. He was stuck.


It wasn’t until a friend, Ben Simon, visited and plopped a big, misshapen sweet potato in front of him that he started to gain some clarity.


The two friends had been big food waste activists during college, and during a recent visit to the West Coast, Simon witnessed the enormous amount of food that was going to waste, mainly based on its appearance, in the farming system. According to Chesler, in California alone, over 20% of the state’s produce was going to waste, which equated to almost 3 billion pounds of food each year.


Simon wanted to create a market that could bring ugly produce to the consumer, sell it at affordable prices, and help to reduce food waste along the way. And he wanted Chesler to help him do it.


Eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone.

If food can be saved, we will save it. With every bite into a misshapen apple, short piece of pasta, or oversized egg we can shape our world for the better. We’re hungry for change and eager to reduce waste on the farm, at the store, and in the home.


Sustainably sourced

We only have one planet and we must do everything possible to reduce the waste we generate. That’s why we promise to take the earth’s resources into consideration with each product offered. It's not as simple as it may seem. For example, sometimes a small producer with superb land management practices is a better choice than a large, commercial producer that has marketing dollars to pay for an organic certification. Or sometimes we need to prioritize food safety and therefore need to use plastic packaging. Regardless of the situation we know we only have one planet and we must do everything possible to reduce the waste we generate.

The Box

What is it made of?

Our boxes are made with 100% recycled fiber. All ink and glue is non-toxic, biodegradable, and compostable.

Where should it go? 

Feel free to reuse your box around the house or use it to donate clothing, books, or help a friend move! You can also recycle your box in any curbside paper recycling bin or donate to your local U-Haul for others to use for free.

In certain areas, we can pick up your box and donate it to a local nonprofit or recycle it properly for you! See the steps at the top of the page for more info.

Insulated Liner

What is it made of?

LDPE (low-density polyethylene) or #4 plastic

Where should it go? 

You can recycle the insulated liners like you would plastic grocery bags. Bag plastic bags together and place in your curbside recycling bin, if accepted. Or, better yet, drop off at specific stores for recycling. Trex has a recycling program in place to upcycle LDPE (#4) and HDPE (#2) flexible plastic packaging into Earth-friendly composite decking and railings. Bag the acceptable, flexible plastics together and drop off at a participating store.

In certain areas, we can pick up your insulation and recycle it properly for you! See the steps at the top of the page for more info.

Gel Pack

What is it made of?

#4 plastic filled with freezer gel

Where should it go? 

Gel packs are reusable so feel free to pop them in your freezer and use them for your next picnic, camping trip, or to cool off during a heatwave! If you see "Drain Safe" on your gel pack, the gel is safe to go down your drain if you choose to discard it. After draining, wash out the plastic and recycle (follow instructions under 'Insulated Liner').

In certain areas, we can pick up your gel packs, sanitize at our facility, and reuse! See the steps at the top of the page for more info.


What is it made of?

This insulation is made of mostly paper and vegetable starch from corn. It’s a patented material designed to be the most effective, bio-based & recyclable thermal packaging insulation on the market.

Where should it go? 

In most areas, you can recycle the insulation in your curbside recycling bin. However, as is always the case with recycling, we also encourage you to check with your local Materials Recovery Facility.