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Green Flip Flops

Green Flip Flops was born in Rio de Janeiro with the will to change the whole world. The desire to develop a product in tune with the planet gave birth to 100% recyclable flip-flops. With the feet on innovation and the head on sustainability, it is a pioneer in the use of biodegradable vegetable components, made out of soy and sugar cane.
This is just the beginning. Our search for new ways of stepping here on Earth continues.

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Ever since human beings stepped on this planet, they started to destroy it. Did you get where the problem started? Exactly: on the feet. So it’s by them that we’re gonna start changing that story. After all, feet are great trend launchers. Every time they go a step forward, the body goes together. That’s why the question we made ourselves was: what if human beings stepped again here on Earth? Because we’ve been worried a lot about stepping on Mars, on Jupiter, on another galaxy, but what we should really worry about is stepping on a different way right here. Step without leaving marks. That should turn into fashion. If we are searching for a more sustainable planet, only what is sustainable should be a trend. Which makes Earth more beautiful. In the world of fashion, fashion has to be the world. And just walk in fashion who steps on it carefully.


BIODEGREDABLE PLANT-BASED PLASTICIZERS: A GREEN FLIP FLOPS INOVATION. More and more, society demands ecologically correct raw materials, a demand that has also been ours forever, because sustainability is in Green Flip Flops’ DNA. That’s what led us on a quest for an alternative to primary plasticizers, research that has resulted in flip-flops made from 100% renewable, a high percentage of biodegradability plasticizers, prepared from plant-based oils, which are not derived from petroleum. GREEN FLIP FLOPS: 100% RECYCLABLE In addition to plant-based origin plasticizers, Green Flip Flops is also made of PVC resin, a plastic of lower presence in weight in urban waste and it is not (not 100%) originated from petroleum. The PVC resin is still more easily identified for recycling than the others, thanks to the presence of chlorine in its formula, which in turn is obtained from sea salt. That is, it is the environment, once again, showing the right path to sustainability. PHTHALATE: OUR GREATEST ENEMY The Green Flip Flops composition does not contain phthalates, a chemical compound proven to be harmful to human health and constantly used as additives to make the plastic more malleable. Phthalates can cause damage to the liver, kidneys, and lungs, and are considered a probable carcinogen. If our mission is to preserve the planet, it is our duty to preserve the health of the species that inhabit.