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Ecosoulife is an environmentally conscious company providing guilt-free, disposable, and reusable tableware.

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EcoSouLife® was founded by Gal & Sharon Benjamin who found inspiration through the enthusiasm of their eldest son, who strongly advocated for the environment and committed to ensuring the households waste disposal methods reduce the effect of plastic on our planet. With their son’s passion igniting their own environmental consciousness, Gal and Sharon sought to create products that could eliminate the damaging effects plastics have on nature and its ecosystems. After years of extensive research and investments in the development of materials and products, EcoSouLife® was born.

Today, EcoSouLife® is an award-winning, globally distributed line of sustainable household, commercial and outdoor products. In September 2019, EcoSouLife® became a part of Horwood Life Ltd., a subsidiary of Horwood Homewares.

We take waste and turn it into a product instead of making more waste by making a product. We support farmers by helping them repurpose agricultural waste like corn, wheat, rice husks and fallen palm leaves. Made of natural materials, safer for me, safer for the planet!


To deliver guilt-free disposable and reusable alternatives to the plastic and foam, which fill our landfills and waterways.



Ecologically Sourced
We transform natural fast growing materials to manufacture the tableware. We utilize materials like cornstarch, rice husk, all natural, wheat straw, palm leaf. They are carbon neutral to our environment so it’s safer for the planet.

Consciously Created
Through years of research and decades of experience, EcoSouLife has cultivated relationships with the most relevant global sources to produce a sustainable line of products that are eco-friendly, biodegradable and Internationally acclaimed. We design products with an intent to break them down naturally in under 36 months leaving behind no trace.

Zero Waste
Our products do not contaminate the planet and are produced from the organic unused materials. By using our products, you encourage the recycle process and support zero waste. We together, work for a safer environment and what’s more safer than reusability?

Our safer, greener alternatives are designed to breakdown into natural raw materials once buried in the ground, unlike traditional oil-based plastics. With the ever-evolving technology, we are constantly researching the most ideal manufacturing methods and materials that further reduce our environmental footprint while maintaining affordability and accessible.

What's at stake is far too precious to ignore and that is why we're driven to develop products that help protect our ecosystems from poisonous debris, our landfills from harmful waste and help keep our families away from toxic contaminants. EcoSouLife is on a mission to deliver guilt-free disposable and reusable alternatives to the plastic, foams and metals which cause harm to our planet.