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We make, distribute, and sell only the finest environmental papers. We are continually committed to the use of wholesome natural ingredients, and we promote business practices that respect humanity, Earth, and the environment. We strive to minimize, and eventually counteract, any negative impact on the environment.

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In 1989 Harry Johansing took a surf trip to Costa Rica with no idea he would fall for the diverse ecological region, never wanting to part.With years of experience working with Kinko's, he never imagined one day supporting Costa Rican lifestyle producing tree free papers.What is now a business producing uniquely sustainable and high quality tree free papers, once began as a small time company making colorful pads to sell as souvenirs.While touring the countryside looking for fibers to make his souvenirs, Harry experienced a life changing closeness to the natural environment that would shape his destiny.It was the fascinatingly evolved birds,plants and other animals of the rainforest that made him realize his purpose of creating a tree free paper that would one day preserve the awesome environment that he had fallen in love with. 

Just using post consumer paper wasn't good enough, there needed to be another source, so Harry began imagining another way.He partnered with Ian Ratowsky. What they created was a specialized method of mixing both post consumer and agricultural waste paper using no chemicals, less water, and inks made from vegetable oil and soy which is less harmful to the environment than their petroleum counterparts.The product is not only friendly to the environment, but superior to other paper with fibrous texture giving unmatched character.Natural coloring is taken from the fruits and beans of the recycled agricultural waste giving the paper a romantic ambiance.

It's not easy to compete with an established market strongly dominated by traditional techniques of mass production. In fact, the road to success has been much like traveling the washed-out roads of Costa Rica.But like the natives using creative and fun modes of transportation such as traveling by horseback, Harry's tenacity was able to forgo competitors and create a product that today has revolutionized the way paper is produced.To come right out with it, the company has created techniques for producing paper that make it possible to never have to cut down another tree again for the construction of paper.It is a suitable way for us to continue enjoying paper while keeping our planet healthy and viable for all species. Ecopaper has been producing Fine Environmental Papers and Paper products derived from natural fibers. Our products excel industry standards, resulting in state of the art banana paper, coffee and other sustainable paper products. Ecopaper proved among other things, that our modern society can satisfy it's growing needs without affecting the environment; and furthermore that undeveloped countries can also help with the global efforts to preserve our environment.

Ecopaper has managed, in very few years, to expand internationally and sell in highly competitive markets such as the United States, Mexico, England and France. It has also managed an exponential growth as a direct result of its philosophy of conservation and respect for nature, which is shared by more people every day. We MAKE ENVIRONMENTAL PAPER :).



To restore and improve the intelligent universe by promoting the interests, and serving the needs, of humanity and the natural world. 


We operate using sustainable financial practices, increasing both value and profits for our shareholders while expanding opportunities for development and growth. We Restore and Improve wherever we go, offering fair wages and work practices, both domestically and abroad.We are the first eco-friendly brand of paper that only uses recycled materials and does not add to the destruction of endangered forests. Secondly, we are based on the principles of fair trade and sustainable production by relying on partnerships among first and third world businesses. Next, it has more character than your average paper because of its exceptional texture, color, and appearance.  Finally,Ecopaper offers a sustainable replacement to the wasteful paper products that are already overused in our society on a daily basis. Remember that every sheet of the treeless paper is uniquely handmade in an organic process which constantly promotes the development of the international Green Movement.  With every purchase of Ecopaper that you make, a portion of the revenues goes to benefit others less fortunate. So please join Costa Rica Natural on its ecological adventure to save the earth's forests and promote the growth of the developing world.