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Melanie G. Murphy Richter, MS, RDN
I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and MS in Longevity, Director of Communications at Prolon and advisor at Tera. I often write about my expertise here on the Tera blog!

Books that changed my health- Melanie Murphy Richter, MS, RDN

I am an avid reader, and an even more voracious student. I love learning and understanding, and have a very big, curious appetite for connecting the dots between the mind, body and spirit. Here is a list of books that changed my life, incrementally, as I was both exploring my own physical healing, and learning how to be a holistic practitioner myself.

Click any of the titles below to purchase them online, and start expanding to your health and wellness knowledge and literature!


Written by Dr. Datis Kharrazian

This book was one of the first holistic health books I read that put the brain-gut connection into actual practice for me. Dr. Datis Kharrazian is a pioneer in the neurological space, and is a visionary in how he understands the connection between the brain and body. This book gives practical patient-based explanations to his theories and practices, and also gives suggestions to actual protocols that have worked for certain neurodegenerative and autoimmune related conditions. It’s a dense book, but worth every moment.


Written by Dr. Deanna Minich

Dr. Minich has been a idol of mine in the holistic health space for over a decade. She is only of the only people who has taken a nutrition-based approach to the Chakra system in a way that is both approachable, tangible and empowering. I have learned from her in this book as well as her Whole Detox books, and will forever be a fan of her unique way of thinking and practice.


Written by Dr. Valter Longo

I studied under Dr. Longo for my Master’s degree at USC. He was actually one of the founders of our program. He is the father of the Fasting Mimicking Diet, due to his extensive research on the effects of fasting on Oncology patients. His discoveries and research have gone on to expand into the lives of otherwise healthy people, to help them live longer and healthier lives. I am forever grateful to Dr. Longo’s work, and for deeply influencing my work as a Dietitian.


By Anthony William, The Medical Medium

I ventured into The Medical Medium world with trepidation at first. After all, Anthony William doesn’t have any medical background or titles to back up his name. But after reading this first book, learning more about his own patient case studies, and putting his recommendations to practice in my own life, I’m a big fan and supporter of his work. He takes a food-first approach to healing that can make immense impact, especially as it relates to liver and thyroid conditions. I have implemented several of his practices into my own practice with much success and benefit.


By Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Hyman is another practitioner I respect with his esteem. I have been following him since 2010 when he was still studying with Dr. Jeffery Bland. He has made such wide-spreading impact in the health of Americans, and this early book on balancing blood sugar was revolutionary for its time, and is still so relevant today. With Diabetes and metabolic conditions running rampant, this book is more important than ever.


By JJ Purshell

I was gifted this book for my 30th birthday, and it has been a cornerstone of my medicine cabinet ever since. I have come back to this book and its herbal concoctions time and time again. For any budding herbalist and/or green witch out there, this book is as beautiful as it is knowledgable, and as fun as it is impactful to the health.

Weil Integrative Medicine Library, 2nd Edition by Gerard E. Mullin

This book is for my die-hard practitioners who are ready to really take a deep dive into expanding their knowledge of holistic gastroenertology. This was the first book I read that made me feel incredibly seen and validated as a practitioner, and also provided some much-needed scientific background to my profession and career. I learned more from this book than I had in quite some time, and continue to come back to it as a trusted resource on a weekly basis.


These books are primarily focused on the physical body, so next time, I’ll be sharing the books that changed my mental/emotional/spiritual life as well! I can’t wait. Stay tuned.

In health ‘n Mellness,


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Sugar Defender
Sugar Defender
1 month ago

You’re welcome! I appreciate your willingness to engage further. If you have any specific questions or topics you’d like to delve into, feel free to share them. Whether it’s about recent developments in technology, intriguing scientific discoveries, captivating literature, or anything else on your mind, I’m here to provide insights and assistance. Simply let me know how I can help, and I’ll be happy to assist you further!

1 month ago

My fascination with your work is equal to the enthusiasm you have expressed. The sketch you have presented is elegant, and the material you have authored is of a high caliber. Yet, it seems you are apprehensive that you may be embarking on something that could be seen as questionable. I believe you will be able to resolve this issue efficiently.

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