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Shop healthy. Avoid diseases.

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Tera empowers you to buy eco-friendly products by identifying product ingredients that cause harm to our Planet and suggesting more sustainable alternatives.

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What we consume also harms our Planet. The stuff we buy contributes directly or indirectly through the product life cycle to climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion. 

For example, 60% of the greenhouse gas emissions that are warming our Planet are caused by the production and use of what we consume. The rich countries like the USA that consume the most are contributing the most to the destruction of our Planet.

By consuming less, or selecting products made by eco-friendly brands that care about the environment, you can lessen your destructive footprint on our Planet.

Tera is identifying products that cause harm to our Planet by analyzing the environmental impact of ingredients used to manufacture products.  By selecting the preferences below you can protect our rivers and oceans, our ozone layer, and our rainforest. By selecting the Animal Cruelty-Free and Vegan certifications and consuming those certified products, you can spare animals from being raised for the sole purpose of being used for product testing or industrial meat production and all the cruelty and suffering that it entails.

  1. Hazardous to Oceans and Rivers – Potential harm to aquatic life, oceans, rivers, and other waterways
  2. Depletion of Ozone Layer – Potential harm to the ozone layer
  3. Rainforest Impact – Impact on rainforests and indigenous people due to deforestation and industrial practices. To start, we focused on identifying one of the biggest culprits of deforestation – Palm Oil
  4. Vegan or PETA certified that the product contains no animal products or byproducts
  5. Animal Cruelty-Free CertificationLeaping Bunny or PETA certified that there was not ANY animal testing through any stage of the product development process

Tera then scores every product on how they impact our Planet.

However, we are not perfect. Product information can sometimes be incomplete or change. So PLEASE ALWAYS double-check the ingredient labels, and contact the manufacturer for more information if needed.

For more information on the impact of consumer products on our Planet check out our blog articles below:

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