Shop healthy.
Avoid diseases.

Shop healthy. Avoid diseases.

Avoid allergies and food intolerances

Tera empowers you to avoid inflammation-causing allergies and food intolerances by detecting the allergens and ingredients your body does not tolerate and that hide in your everyday food and personal care products and will suggest better alternatives.

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The subtlety with food allergens and food intolerances  is that it is hard to know if the ingredients you are sensitive to are present in a product because the allergen name may not be identifiable on the product ingredients list.

By selecting these preferences, you will be notified of the existence of such allergens and Tera will recommend safer alternatives.

A single ingredient or common allergen may be listed with 100s of different names, derivatives, and chemical codes. We do our best to analyze products & ingredients based on available data from various sources. In total, we have identified over 1,000 different ingredients for the top 8 allergens. As always, if you have a food allergy, please double-check the ingredients as well as look for cross-contamination, as some companies use shared machinery to process their products or derive common ingredients from allergenic sources.

Ingredient Avoidance Details- Click on the + sign to see the full list of ingredients that you can avoid by selecting an allergen preference.

1) Wheat

2) Barley

3) Rye

4) Triticale (cross between wheat and rye)

5) Oats (common cross contamination)

6) Durum

7) Einkorn

8) Emmer

9) Kamut

10) Spelt

11) Enriched flour

12) Farina

13) Graham flour

14) Self-rising flour (phosphate flour)

15) Semolina

1) Milk

2) Whey

3) Casein

4) Butter

5) Cheese

6) Milk by-products

1) Egg

2) Egg yolk

3) Egg whites

4) Albumin

5) Ovalbumins

6) Lecithins

7) Vitellins

8) Ovomucoid

9) Lysozyme

1) Peanut

2) Peanut Oil

3) Protein hydrolysates

4) Arachis hypogea

1) Almond

2) Walnut

3) Cashew

4) Brazil Nut

5) Chestnut

6) Hazelnut

7) Macadamia

8) Pistachio

9) Butternut

10) Hazelnut

11) Hickory Nut

12) Litchi

13) Pecan

14) Ginkgo Biloba Nut

15) Pecan

1) Sesame

2) Sesame Oil

3) Sesamol

4) Sesamolin

5) Sesamin

1) Soybeans

2) Soybean Oil

3) Soy (wax, bran, meal, protein, etc.)

3) Soymilk

4) Soymilk

5) Lecithins

1) Fish (meal, extract, fatty acids, proteins, etc.)

2) Fish Oil

2) Pearl (extract, powder)

3) Pearlescent

4) Pearlite

5) Elastin

6) Collagen

7) Shrimp (extract, shell)

8) Oyster shell powder

9) Cod (eggs, fatty acids, extract, stocks, etc.)

10) Cod Liver Oil

11) Salmon, Salmon Oil

12) Salmon eggs

13) Tuna, Tuna Oil

14) Chitin, Chitanase

15) Chitosan

16) Clam

17) Tilapia

18) Pollock

19) Catfish

20) Haddock

21) Crab

However, we are not perfect.  Product information can sometimes be incomplete or change. So PLEASE ALWAYS double-check the ingredient labels, and contact the manufacturer for more information if needed.

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