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About Us


Tera envisions the world as a “Blue Zone”, with thriving humans living healthy, active, happy long lives with no drugs nor hospital stays, on a regenerating and thriving planet.


To build a Health SuperApp to empower people who live in the modern world to adopt a “Blue Zone'' lifestyle to create and sustain personal and planetary health. 

What is Tera Today

To this day, Tera has built a Healthy Shopping solution for everyday products including Personal Care & Cosmetics, Household Cleaning Products, and Food Products.

Tera Product Search Engine and Barcode Scanner are scoring the health impact of products sold by national retailers and brands, empowering users to detect and avoid toxic chemicals, allergens, and unhealthy foods while also consuming more sustainably.

The current App Features include these 5 skills: 

Detect and Avoid Toxins in consumer products sold in retail and online

Avoid organ toxicants, endocrine-disruptors, reproductive toxicants, carcinogens, and skin and eye irritants, these chemicals are present in our food, personal care, cosmetics, and household cleaning products. Tera also recommends healthier and more sustainable alternatives including Organic products.

Detect and Avoid Allergens in consumer products

Avoid allergens in food and non-food products that trigger the immune system to react and inflame the skin, sinuses, airways or digestive system, and recommend healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

Detect and Avoid Food products with a poor nutritional profile

Avoid products with a poor nutritional profile: too much of the unhealthy ingredients and not enough of the healthy ones and get recommendations for healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

Detect and avoid Food Products that cause disease

      ○For avoiding or limiting the complications of existing chronic diseases and finding healthier and more sustainable alternatives

              •Heart disease



              •Type 2 diabetes


Detect and Avoid consumer products that damage our Planet

The consumer products we use and the processed foods and whole foods grown by conventional agriculture have a profound negative impact on our Planet. Like killing aquatic life, damaging our ozone layer, or destroying rainforests. Tera detects them and recommends better alternatives. Products that are healthy for us are almost always healthy for our Planet

Tera is now building a Personalized and Precision Nutrition solution to create meal plans and recipes that will deliver the right amount of nutrients and calories based on a user’s personal health requirements and goals and using food as medicine. 

That Nutrition solution will be integrated with Tera Healthy Shopping solution to generate food shopping lists of the healthiest products sold at the users’ favorite food retailers. 

The Tera App is available in the App Store Tera IOS and in the GooglePlay Store Tera Android