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About Us

Tera is building the future of online and retail shopping at the intersection of the environment, health, and social impact.

We are all one. Our actions impact others, our Planet.
Consuming consciously means engaging in the economy with more awareness of how our consumption impacts our health, our planet & our society. It is the right thing to do. For ourselves and for others.
But there is very little transparency about products and brands’ impact to make it possible. Labels only tell one part of the story. And it takes a lot of investigative research to vet products as eco-friendly, clean, healthy, allergy safe, and nutritious. Who has the time? The knowledge?
Tera is bringing transparency to products and brands to make conscious and healthy consumption possible, convenient, and personal.

Tera analyzes & scores the health and environmental impact of ingredients & chemicals in cleaning, personal care, cosmetics, and food products, providing a level of transparency not available before.

  • By personalizing the App with selected health and planet product impact attributes, users can:
  • Filter & purchase products that match their preferences at major retailers and from 10K+ brands
  • Search for products that match their preferences
  • Discover products in their private aisle\
  • Scan and score products at home, in stores, and e-commerce websites.
  • Get recommendations for healthier and more sustainable alternatives.
  • Tera is empowering consumers to vote with their dollars and reward socially responsible brands while staying healthy and consuming sustainably.