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Our story is just beginning

We created Tera with the goal of solving one problem: saving the planet couldn’t be more complicated. As any consumer today knows, the green space is cluttered with fake claims, misinformation, and unethical products and companies. So when it comes to changing the world, most of us don’t even know where to start.

At Tera, we’re happy to say we found a simple solution to this overwhelming problem. Introducing a community where small, yet impactful choices save the world. Where eco-friendly options are everywhere, and greenwashed products are nowhere to be found. And no worries if this is all new to you—at Tera, it doesn’t matter if you’re an eco-expert or a nature newbie, all you need to do is join the community, start learning, use our tools and consume smarter for your health and the health of the planet. Because over here, going green isn’t a challenge. It’s just in our nature. 

Why Tera?

For us, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. It’s in our DNA. As a Benefit Corporation, everything we do rewards our stakeholders, consumers, and most importantly, the planet. That’s why when you join our global community of people, businesses, and non-profits, the world changes for the better.

Tera has everything to make living the sustainability life a breeze. Daily habits are important not just for your well-being, but for the health of the whole world. And making changes is easier than you’d think when you’ve got a whole community behind you. So whether you want to learn about helpful hacks, product recommendations or lifestyle advice, or use tools to shop for healthy products for you and the planet, Tera has everything you need to start your journey to green now.

Our Vision

Create a world where consumer power can transform our planet into a healthy and sustainable place for future generations.

Our Mission

Empower our members to come together as a global community, embrace a more sustainable lifestyle and push businesses to commit to eco-minded practices. 

Our Hope

Show the world that individual efforts do make a difference and that everyday small changes can save the planet.